Semos Group

Semos is an independent software company focusing on design, development, implementation and technical support of sophisticated enterprise solutions. We have experience in building and delivering HR solutions for the last 2 decades.

In 2013, we were invited by SAP to participate in the HANA Development Accelerator program. And for more than 3 years, we have been building HR Extensions on HCP with the technical, partner and business support from the SAP teams.

End of 2014, we launched productive deployment of one of our certified HCP solutions - JobPts for SAP America. And we are continuing to invest, develop and innovate with the Engagement Suite of solutions on the SAP Cloud Platform.

Blackhawk Network

Blackhawk Network’s heritage of innovative prepaid developments began in 2001 when it was a subsidiary of Safeway Inc. From the outset, we’ve looked at the industry with fresh eyes, always seeking to solve customer needs while working to grow our partners’ business.

In 2013, Blackhawk Network acquired InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions, a leader in prepaid corporate incentives to expand capabilities into B2B.

Today, Blackhawk Network offers a hard-to-replicate combination of attributes that provides significant benefits to our customers and partners. These include broad range of products from the most desirable consumer brands and proprietary technology and systems for complete lifecycle control


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